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Happy NaNoWriMo

Happy NaNoWriMo—Post for WordPress Blog (wouldn’t post—couldn’t connect to internet)

November is finally here!  If you’re participating in NaNo, you already know all the joy, fear, excitement, pain and suffering of November 1!!!  I wish you all the best of luck this year!  May the odds be ever in your favor!

I was able to attend a Kick-off Write-In for my region–Hickory, NC–today.  Normally when this group gets together, especially what I’m with them, but I don’t have to be for it to happen, we laugh, talk, and joke around a whole lot more than we write.  Today, I arrived a little late; several others were already there in full writing mode.  I settled down, did a little FB procrastinating, and then got to work.  We chatted every so often, but each of us stay focused and, as far as I know, most of us reached our daily word goal–if not exceeded it!


I have no idea where my story is going or what is going to happen with it, but I have my first 1,667-word-plus-day!  I’m a “pantser,” so I have no earthly idea what is going to happen, but I do plan on writing my story as a parallel to The Walking Dead.  This year, I’m writing about Christian Zombies.  You know.  The Bible says that “the dead in Christ shall rise.”  So after watching every single episode of The Walking Dead, I thought it might be fun to take a look at the Walkers as something other than something to fear–at least as far as their physical, grotesque appearance is concerned.  I’ll see if it even works.  I might run out of ideas before the week is out, but I’m sure going to give it my best shot!!!!

I still don’t have the excitement for NaNo that I usually have, but at least I’m not giving up.


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