Writing about writing

My writing in 2014

Pen Zu online journal: 409 entries with 250,000+ words total for 2014!!!! Wow. I don’t think I’ve ever written that much! Feels good! Feels REAL good!

It is amazing how much writing I did in 2014.  Wow.  As I look at that number, 250,000, I am shocked that I was able to write that much in a year especially a year that was very busy for me.  If I counted the assignments, emails, and other documents that I write for school–my job–that number would jump up at least to 300k, I’m sure.  But I chose to count only the words I wrote in my journal throughout the year.

10461998_859100954118822_4151280915876541090_nDo you journal?  You should, you know.  I require my Freshman Composition students to keep an online blog for our class.  Many of them balk at it and complain a lot, but by the end of the semester, there are always a few who are glad they participated in it.  Every once in awhile, it is a means to draw the students in the classroom closer together–to create a sense of community that we can’t get via any other method.  I love that.  I personally believe that students are more open to learning and the learning process when they are comfortable in the classroom–when the classroom is a safe place where they can share without judgment.  And that non-judgment includes NOT looking at or worrying about their grammar in their blog entries.  They can simply what they want.

Of course it’s not a perfect system.  Some students wait until the last minute to post their blog entries and that doesn’t do anything at all except give them a grade–a lower grades, but still a grade.  I still have students who hate the whole process but do it because they want a good grade.  And every once in a while, I have students who post things that make me wonder…..about a lot of things.

But more often than not, their blog entries are fun to read as well as worth reading.  I am glad to do it.  I wish I could make everyone I know write/keep a journal.  I wish every single person I know would GET how healing, awesome, powerful, wonderful, and just plain cool a journal is.  I know I’m in a small class of people who actually LOVE to write.  I accept that truth.  And regardless of whether or not anyone reads what I write or even cares about what I write, I will keep writing because I am writing for myself more than I am writing for anyone else anyway.

Just keep writing……



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