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I couldn’t help it

I blew my Reading/Digital Deprivation (Fast) yesterday.  I was doing very well.  I really was.  But Gayle Forman’s new book was released on January 27 and I was itching to read it.  I had pre-ordered it for my Nook, so yesterday afternoon, I decided to go ahead and download it so it would be ready for when I am off my 7 days of Reading Deprivation (this Saturday).

And that’s all she wrote.  Without meaning to, but also without fighting too hard, I read the first page.  From there, I simply could NOT put the book down.  I cried.  I laughed.  I wept.  I sobbed.  I soaked my t-shirt and my pillow with my tears.  My son, in amazement, comments on how he just doesn’t understand how a book could make someone FEEL so much.  Oh, if only he–and everyone else–only knew.

I think that anyone who reads I Was Here will be moved by the story, but only those who have lost a beloved, precious loved one will GET IT…will FEEL it deeply, to the depths of the soul.

I do not regret even for one second breaking my fast in order to read this book.  I will continue with the Reading/Digital Deprivation throughout these last few days; I refuse to start over.  As someone who reads as much as I do, I would honestly be surprised if I actually made it a full 7 days without doing some aspect of reading on a personal level.  It just isn’t realistic.  But I have tried.  And I am noticing how cluttered my brain is and how much is going on up that there that is overwhelming me on a daily basis.  I do need to de-clutter my brain and find time to stop and smell the roses so I can be refreshed and find my inner, creative self.

But I will never regret reading a book that has made such a powerful impact for me!!!!

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