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*As you can see from the date below, I wrote this story more than 10 years ago.  I ran across it as I was cleaning up the files on my computer and thought it might be fun to share with you….It brought a smile to my face, so maybe I ought to pursue finishing it….?????

September 23, 2004 (1st draft written February 4, 2003)

A Love Story

            Elizabeth couldn’t believe how late she was going to be for one of the most important events of her life.  Up late packing to leave for a two-year opportunity to study at Oxford University in London, she’d finally fallen asleep what felt like only moments before her alarm went off.  Unfortunately, that snooze button was too much of a temptation and now, after breaking all records to get ready on time, Elizabeth is running across campus focused only on getting in line before everyone marches onto the football field. Elizabeth hikes up her skirt and graduation gown and runs faster.


Before Elizabeth realizes that she has bumped into someone, she falls flat on her butt with her skirt up over her head.  Quickly scrambling to her feet, she realizes that she is losing precious time because one shoe and her cap have magically disappeared.  Elizabeth is intent on finding her shoe and cap, so she doesn’t notice the tall, handsome young man who is still sitting where he’d landed from the force of their impact.  He is watching Elizabeth with an amused grin.

After attempting to speak to her several times, he soon realizes she is too distracted to notice him.  Scott hasn’t been used to this kind of response from girls.  Girls certainly had always fallen for him, but not literally.  Very few girls, in fact, had resisted his charm, and he always had the impression from the girls he dated that they were only looking for a good time—just as he was.

So when Elizabeth doesn’t even acknowledge him, Scott continues to sit and wait for her.  But as soon as she finds her cap and her shoe, she is off and running.

Stunned that she doesn’t notice him, Scott continues to sit and watch this marvelous young woman run to the football field.  A slow smile creeps wider and wider across his face until he’s grinning like a silly schoolboy.  With a chuckle, he jumps up, purposely strides towards the stadium, and falls into the back of the line—immediately behind this woman he has quickly decided he’s going to marry, but whose name he doesn’t even know.

Because Elizabeth is so intent on looking for her friends on the field or her family up in the stands, Scott has plenty of time to admire her throughout the long ceremony.  She isn’t what others would call beautiful, or even pretty, but she has a radiance about her that makes her fun to watch.  Scott noticed as they’d marched onto the field that she is a good foot shorter than he and that is in heels.  She’s a little stocky, but not unattractive.  She has gorgeous long, curly brown hair that she is wearing down and pulled back so she can get her cap on her head.  Even though she is wearing glasses, Scott notices that her eyes are a puppy-dog brown.  Her make-up is smudged in spots on her face, obviously from putting it on in a hurry.  And she has a smile that already lights up his world!  When she stood up in her chair to wave at her family and blow them kisses, his skin tingled, even through his gown and dress shirt, where she rested her hand on his shoulder in order to support herself.

Scott casually drapes his arm across the back of her chair just so she’ll have to touch him again, but she never does relax in her seat as the speakers drone on and on.  This curious young woman continues to sit up straight on the edge of her chair and stands every so often to look around.  She is holding her program tightly in her hand and both her legs bounce up and down.  She just cannot sit still!

When it comes time to call out the graduates, because there are almost a thousand graduating that day, the Chancellor calls out the departments rather than individual names.  When the English Department is called, even though this young woman is at the back and all her friends are at the front, she stands up and cheers as if she is standing right in the middle of her own crowd!  A few people sitting near Scott and Elizabeth can’t help laughing at her.  She either doesn’t notice or doesn’t care; Scott can’t tell which, but he can’t help laughing along with them.  In fact, he’s so caught up in her excitement, he jumps up and yells and screams right along with her.  Suddenly, she jumps into his arms and gives him a huge bear hug!  Before he even realizes what he’s doing, he lowers his head to hers and gives her a big, wet, sloppy kiss—right on the mouth!  She doesn’t appear shaken by their exchange, but Scott is so taken off balance that when he attempts to sit, he falls over backwards!  So there lies the best looking guy in school with his feet up in the air for a second time that day—too stunned to move.

Amazingly, the young woman notices that he’s fallen and she turns to help him back up.  Feeling playful, Scott isn’t any help.  In fact, he’s laughing so hard, he can’t get up no matter how hard he tries.  The girl starts laughing and the next thing they both know, she is on top of his chest and their giggles prevent them from making any move to get up.  Scott wraps his arms around her and they finally calm down enough to at least sit up.  Scott continues to hold her in his arms so she is sitting on his lap.  It is another few minutes before they are calm enough to attempt to stand.  Before they do, Scott casually plants a soft kiss on her inviting cheek and another on the top of her head as soon as they’re both standing upright.  The young woman promptly puts her cap back on her head and turns to wave to her family in the stands.  He turns to see if he can tell which family is hers.  It isn’t a difficult thing to do—there is a whole crowd of people, almost as short as “his girl,” waving and blowing kisses in their direction.  Because he just can’t help himself, Scott smiles and waves back.  The young woman doesn’t notice, but her family sure does!

Finally, graduation is over.  Scott reluctantly stands up to march out.  When they had marched in, he had been behind “his girl;” now he is in front of her.  He knows that she might disappear into the crowd very quickly if he doesn’t do something to keep her near him.  Very casually (but he does notice that his heart is beating a mile a minute), he steps aside to allow her to go ahead of him.

As she rushes past, Scott turns on the charm and smiles at her, “I’m Scott.”  When she doesn’t respond, Scott taps her on the shoulder and repeats himself.

“Hi, Scott,” and she quickly turns around and has to run to catch up to the line in front of her.

Determined not to let her get away, Scott strides quickly after her and takes hold of her arm.  Obviously upset, she turns around to face him with a determined fire in her eyes, “May I help you?”

Stammering, Scott manages a weak, “I said that my name is Scott.  What’s yours?”  And he flashes her the smile that had won so many hearts before.

Elizabeth puts her hands on her hips and blurts, “Why do you want to know?”

Shocked by her obvious disdain, Scott pauses and, before he can formulate an answer, Elizabeth turns and disappears into the crowd.


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