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I’m still writing…

It’s been a few months since I posted to this blog, but rest assured, I’ve been busy writing the whole time–just not on the blog!  I’ve gone back to writing in a physical journal by hand rather than writing in my e-journal (PenZu) mostly which means that I’m just not on the computer as often throughout the days as I am when I write online.  I know….I know…excuses only satisfy the person who makes them!

Anyway, since the last time I posted here, I’ve also helped edit a manuscript for a previous student.  I am so proud of her!  Back when she was my student, she participated in NaNo for extra credit.  She went so far as to publish her novel!  Since then, she’s written two sequels–publishing one and the 2nd is the one she’s currently editing in preparation for publication very soon.  She is such an inspiration to me.

Here I’m the teacher.  I’m the one who encouraged her to participate in NaNoWriMo.  I’ve participated in NaNo almost every year since 2004.  I’ve won most years, but lost a few years (mostly when I had severe health issues and was in the hospital). And here’s this young woman who has not only participated in NaNo the past several years and won, but she’s also published two of three novels in a series (with the 3rd coming very soon)!  And I’m just sitting on my manuscript, twiddling my thumbs.  Pathetic.

So I’m MAKING the time over the next few weeks to edit my manuscript and get it out for the masses.  It doesn’t matter if anyone buys and/or reads it.  What matters is that I follow my heart and finish what I started! I have a story to in me and it must be told.



NaJoWriMo–July 2015

I had no idea that National Journal Writing Month (NaJoWriMo) was a thing.  Then one day, out of the blue, it showed up in my newsfeed on Facebook.  I have no idea how or why because none of my friends posted it, but it was there.  Of course, anything to do with journaling, I’m all over it, so it was a no-brainer for me to participate in NaJoWriMo for July 2015.  I enjoyed it throughout the month!

I chose to write by hand this time.  I’ve been writing by hand for several months now and I just wanted to continue with that for a while longer.  I wrote in my cool purple journal with a purple pen every day of the month!

The them this year was one of “Journey” which I found fortuitous because just a few days prior to seeing the original Facebook post on NaJoWriMo, I had been writing about my Joy Journey!!!  The NaJoWriMo was a different journey, but the theme was the same, so I found it right up my alley!

The last entry for July is to write about my journey for the month of NaJoWriMo….

One thing I can say about my journey this month is that while I don’t normally like having prompts for my journal entries, I liked having them for NaJoWriMo.  I liked that there was a theme to the journal entries rather than just being random journal topics to write about.  Some journal entries went for several pages while others barely made it to half a page in length.  Some journal entries this month were easy and didn’t make much of a difference in my psyche to write while others delved deep into my psyche and made me dig deeper into the original topic.  (Those were my favorite, btw.)

I’m not going to share any of my entries for the month because all of them were quite personal.  I will ask if you aren’t journaling yourself, Why aren’t you????

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