Writing about writing

I am not ashamed of the fact that I have been coloring more these past several weeks than writing. 🙂 I have been writing, just not writing blog posts or other “serious” writing that I need to be doing. I’ll do it. I will get more serious and revise my memoir and write my blogs and other things that I’m working on–soon. Just right now, I’m having a lot of fun coloring!


I want you to know that I have been doing this “adult” coloring for quite awhile now. I have had Johanna Basford’s Enchanted Castle and Secret Garden for about two years now. I did not jump on the adult coloring bandwagon after everyone else; I was one of the ones who never quit coloring–from childhood on! The only difference is that I did buy so-called “adult” coloring books when I found out there was such a thing.

I have always loved to color. I have a large number of Precious Moments coloring books that I have colored in over the years. (No pictures at this time, but I might try to post a few later.) I LOVE Precious Moments, so it has always been a lot of fun for me to color in those coloring books. For one or two of those coloring books, I love them so much, I refused to color in the actual book itself! I made copies of the pages and colored them instead! That also let me color the same picture more than once and use different colors or various types of mediums for coloring!

My most recent favorite medium are glitter gel pens. That’s what I have used on these pages that I have posted here, along with colored pencils. I like the way they blend together. Besides, my glitter gel pens keep running out of ink, so I have to use something else!

Creativity is creativity, though, right? So whether I am writing or coloring, I am, at least, still being creative and that is what, I feel, is most important. I hope that my enjoyment of coloring will carry over into my writing and just make my writing that much better.

Does that make any sense? Julia Cameron can probably explain it better…..



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