Writing about writing

I just want to write

I have this almost insane desire to WRITE, but I have absotively posolutely NOTHING to write about. I’m tapped. No fresh topics. No story ideas. Nothing funny or witty or even worth saying, but I want to WRITE and WRITE and WRITE and WRITE and WRITE!!! So I’m going to take 10 minutes and use this blog to freewrite and see if anything comes of it. It is 9:50 pm; I will write until 10:00 pm–nonstop.


Yep. I still have absolutely nothing to say. I haven’t been doing a lot of writing outside of my journal lately. I love to write, but I just haven’t done much. I do love journaling, so at least I am writing something right now. I’m participating, again, in NaNoJoWriMo–National Journal Writing Month. I really love it. Honestly, even though it’s Month, Bakari does it 4 times a year–January, April, July, & October. This month makes exactly one year that I have participated in each month and I have thoroughly enjoyed each and every month I have participated.

I am so glad Bakari started this! I will continue to participate for as long as he does it. And if he ever decides to pass the mantle, I wouldn’t mind if he chose me!

I’m thinking of attempting to start something similar to National Journal Writing Month, but make it very Biblically-based. I’m not really sure how I would go about doing it–if there’s something I need to do according to the law or at least the “law of the internet.” And I don’t want to steal from what Bakari does, but it will be very similar to his premise. The biggest difference would be that each prompt would begin with a Bible verse or verses and then move forward with a brief comment about the passage–a short Bible study, maybe–and then a topic based on the passage and/or Bible study.

Journaling4life (edit: it’s actually Journaling4faith) does something similar, as well, but they send out topics something like once a week or once a month. I can’t remember right this moment and since I’m freewriting and I’ve promised myself I won’t stop for 10 full minutes, I’m not going to go look. As soon as I get to 10:00, I will look it up and tag the link so you can go check them out for yourselves. I really like what they have going on, too.

I absolutely love to writing. It truly is not only a passion of mine, but something that I have to do the same as I have to breathe. When I don’t write for an extended period of time, I feel lost–adrift at sea with no rescue in sight. Once I start writing again, even if it is a freewrite like this, I have found a small ship to take me in and give me sustenance and keep me healthy for a time.

Writing is simply something I do regardless of whether I want to or not. Some people paint. Some do woodwork. Some color. Man, I’m jealous of the ability of some people to color and make their pictures works or art. Regardless, I do love to color, but I am not all that artistic. Some people find their passion in music, whether that be singing, writing, and/or playing….

And it’s 10:00 pm…..541 words in 10 minutes.


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  1. Looks like you had plenty to say. 🙂


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