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Writing Retreat

Excitement is in the air! For the first time ever, I’m going on a writing retreat! I’ll be away for three days! Where I’m going has little to no cell phone reception. There are no TVs anywhere on the grounds! I’ll have internet connection, but only because I’m taking mine with me. I can’t write a lot and risk losing any of it, you know!!!

It’ll be private and quiet! No responsibilities. No worries. No cares. No deadlines or grading.

And no people! While I am definitely a people-person–a true extrovert, even people like me need down time–time alone.

I’m especially excited to use this time specifically for writing. I’m going to try not to take a bunch of other things to work on so I can concentrate on my writing. That part is going to be difficult, but I will give it my best shot!

What else would I do? Color. Read. Color some more. Sleep. It’s the sleeping that is going to be the most difficult to avoid. I’m tired. Hopefully, I will be able to sleep enough between now and then so that I won’t be so tired that’s all I do!

This will be the first writing retreat for me ever! Should I plan my writing schedule or wing it? Do I set a wake-up alarm? Do I create any kind of schedule? What should I do during my “down” time–the time when I’m not writing?!



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