Writing about writing

So….I’ve quit my job and writing is my game. Yippeee!!

Who invented this job?!

As I go about my daily chores, especially driving around, I am ON. My brain is working a thousand miles a second on what I’m going to write about when I can finally sit down at my computer and WRITE! Oh, yeah! I can’t wait! I am ready! Bring it! I have a thousand ideas and every single one of them is a winner! Bring on the computer and let the writing begin! Just one more errand and I can go home.

Computer charged.


Drink within reach.


Need to use the bathroom?

Done. And check.

Background noise.


Facebook notifications responded to.


Ready. Set. Write!

Go ahead. Write. You’ve got this. Remember all that stuff you were thinking about when you were doing your chores and running errands? Yeah! Go! Write it!!!

Where’d it go?

I don’t know! I’ve got nuthin’!

Do you remember that poem by Shel Silverstein where it talks about all the wonderful things a computer can do? And it ends by saying that I’ll have a book written just as soon as the computer can figure out how to write one???? Yeah…..

So here I am writing blog posts rather than writing my book because it’s easier to write a blog post than reaching for the ideas I had for my book. I’m hearing that I’m not the only one? Don’t you wish someone would invent some sort of way that whatever we think would automatically upload to our computers so those wonderful inspirations we have would be saved so we don’t lose them between then and the sitting?!



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