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Quite possibly THE greatest American Novel


I think that even before I was born, I knew about Gone with the Wind.  I seriously do not remember a time in my life when Gone with the Wind was not a part of my understanding.  I cut my teeth on this story, and I’m glad of it!  It’s always been my mom’s favorite book and it is easily in my own personal top five list of favorite books.  And we both love the movie just as much.  I don’t remember the first time I ever watched the movie; it’s simply always been THERE in my memory.  But I do vividly remember the first time I read the book.

I was spending the night with a very good friend of mine, Melissa Corbett (I hope she doesn’t mind if I use her name–I haven’t asked her).  Of course, as usual, I couldn’t help noticing the book shelf in her house.  On that book shelf sat THE  book I had always heard my mom brag about.  Ironically enough, even though it was my mom’s favorite book of all time, she did not own a copy for herself!  I grabbed the copy off Melissa’s shelf and held it with deep reverence.  You may think I’m kidding; I’m not.  Ask Melissa.

I spent the rest of our evening holding that book, sneaking mini-reads when I thought she wasn’t looking.  Finally, in total exasperation, she huffed, “Oh, just take the book home with you!”  I felt as if I had been given a golden treasure.  That treasured book is still on my shelf to this day.  I can still take you immediately in that copy to my favorite passages.  I not only look at that book with awe, I hold it with the awe of a priceless Stradivarius violin.  I seriously wonder sometimes why I have not yet put that copy in a lock box somewhere.

I have read Gone with the Wind several times over the years and I have watched the movie almost as often.  I love them both!  As I have grown older and have fallen in love with writing myself, I am in even deeper awe at the genius of Margaret Mitchell.  Wow.  And to think that this was her only book!  I was excited when I realized that this beloved classic actually won the Pulitzer Prize [for literature]!!!  Say what you will about this novel and/or movie if you don’t like it, it is one that has stood the test of time and, I know beyond a shadow of a doubt, that it will continue to do so!

The best part is that this year marks the 75th anniversary of the release of the movie, so movie theaters across the country are showing the movie.  I was able to see Gone with the Wind on the big screen over the weekend and I must say that seeing it on the big screen is so much better than watching it on a regular television!!!  It was WONDERFUL!!!!  Now all I want to do is read the book again!!!!!



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